Sick Leave Bank

Established in 1989, the Sick Leave Bank (SLB) provides members who are experiencing serious illnesses an opportunity to request additional paid leave from the bank after exhausting all personal accrued leave.

Knoxville Area Sick Leave Bank members with an emergency illness or injury, should complete and print the Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Request Application for Knoxville Area form. Sick Leave Bank members of the Institute of Agriculture with an emergency illness or injury, should complete and print the Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Request Application for UTIA. The completed form should be returned to the Employee Relations office at 230 Conference Center Building, Knoxville, TN 37996-4125.

Sick Leave Banks – Open Enrollment

The Sick Leave Bank annual enrollment period is from April through June. To be eligible, you must be a regular UT employee, accruing sick leave, with a sick leave balance of at least 48 hours or 6 days (pro-rated for regular part-time employees), by June 30. Employees meeting these requirements, who wish to join the bank, must complete an open enrollment application and agree to donate 24 hours of sick leave to the bank. The annual deadline for membership is June 30.

Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Application

For additional information about the Sick Leave Banks and the Transfer program, please contact Julie Monday (865) 974-6452.

Sick Leave Bank Trustees – UTK

  • C. Roger McDonald, Facilities Services, Electrician Foreman II
  • Jody Huff, Payroll, Associate Director
  • Ken Phillips, Nursing Administration, Professor & Associate Dean
  • Mike Herbstritt, Human Resources, Team Leader
  • Mike West, University Housing Maintenance, Associate Director

Sick Leave Bank Trustees – UTIA

  • Angie Berry, College of Ag, Admin Specialist III
  • Mike Herbstritt, Human Resources, Team Leader
  • Morgan Gray, Agricultural Economics, Analyst
  • Rebecca Gompf, Veterinary Teaching Hospital-Small Animal Clinic, Associate Professor
  • Timothy Fawver, Extension Service Administration, Chief Business Officer to the Chancellor

Sick Leave Transfer

Sick Leave Transfer allows for university employees to voluntarily donate unused sick leave to other employees who have exhausted all employee accrued leave and the SLB allotment. Employees must be members of the SLB to receive the donation of days. However, the donor is not required to be a SLB member, but must be willing to donate a minimum of 80 hours.