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Court Leave Procedure

Section 300, Proc. 315
Related Policy: HR0315
Related Forms: Jury Duty Payment Record
Effective: 7/19/09


To clarify the provisions of the Court Leave policy and establish procedure for recording hours absent from work due to court duty.

Who is affected:

Any regular employee required by law to be present in a local, State or Federal court, whether by summons, subpoena, or notice from the court.  Parties to a court case are not eligible.


A staff member called to court must present the official summons, subpoena, or notice to appear as a witness or serve on jury duty to his/her supervisor as far in advance as possible.

1. General Provisions

The employee’s pay for each day of court leave is at the employee’s current rate of pay for a regularly-scheduled work day, not to exceed eight hours. Staff members are expected to come to work on days when they are not selected to serve on juries. They are also expected to report to work if the duties required by the court are only for a partial day (3 hours or less).

2. Late Shift Leave for Court Duty

Employees scheduled for work at any time between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. who are scheduled for court leave during the day preceding the normally scheduled shift shall not be required to work the normally scheduled shift and shall be paid for the normally scheduled hours of that shift, not to exceed 8 hours.

3. Reporting Hours Missed Due to Court Leave

The hours missed due to court leave shall be recorded as as non-duty pay hours, code CL (Court Leave).

4. Reports Due on Completion of Court Leave

When an employee chooses court leave, the Department Head and the employee shall complete the following tasks on the employee’s return.

  1. Jury Duty Payment Record. This form shall be completed within ten (10) days after the employee returns to work, with copies distributed as indicated. The calculation for the payment owed the University is on the form and allows for a reduction for actual expenses incurred, such as parking.
  2. Forward the completed Jury Duty Payment Record form and the employee’s payment and parking receipts directly to the Bursar’s Office, 210 Student Services Building, OR as directed for deposits in accordance with standard departmental deposit procedures.

Should an employee choose to take annual leave rather than court leave and retain the court payment, the employee should inform his/her supervisor before going on leave or immediately after returning from court duty.

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