Educational Assistance (Fee or Tuition Waiver) Procedure

Section 300, Proc. 330
Effective: 1/29/08


To provide procedures for requesting waiver of fees for employees who are eligible for educational assistance.

Who is affected:

Any employee who meets the requirements for eligibility for educational assistance as set out in HR Policy 0330.


1. Prior to registration

The department head’s approval must be obtained for any eligible employee to take classes during normal working hours. Arrangements will be made at this time to make up any lost work due to class attendance. The employee, with supervisor approval, may extend the normal workday by early arrival or continuing beyond the normal closing hour to make up for the missed class time.

2. Registration

Registration must be accomplished in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Graduate or Undergraduate Catalog and the appropriate Timetable of Classes. Employees may register during the priority or final registration period.  There is a final registration late fee assessed during final registration that is not covered by the fee waiver.  Once registered the employee must confirm their attendance on CPO or go to the Bursar’s Office (211 Student Services Building) to complete this process.   Schedules will be canceled for employees enrolled in classes who do not confirm attendance and/or pay at least 50 percent of the fees due by the payment due date.  Even if the fees are discounted or fully paid by a fee waiver, employees are responsible for setting the Confirmation of Attendance to “Yes”; otherwise the schedule will be canceled.

Employees do not have the option to pay for the Program and Services fee to attend sporting events as a student. Some courses require an additional course fee.  The employee fee waiver does not cover these fees, therefore the employee is responsible for payment of these fees. Engineering fees, course fees such as Music, Voice, Chemistry, etc., are not waived and are the responsibility of the employee to pay.  Also, late registration fees, late payment fees, or any penalty fees are not waived for the employee.

3. Scholarship Programs

The College of Business Administration (CBA) in conjunction with Human Resources and the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration offer a partial staff scholarship in the Professional MBA (ProMBA) and the Executive MBA (EMBA) programs.  The purpose of these scholarships is to provide development opportunity to promising staff that will become better prepared for an administrative career at The University of Tennessee.  This scholarship program is designed to ensure that The University of Tennessee will build its ability to manage itself well.

4. Eligible (minimum 10 years of regular service) Retirees.

The provisions governing waiver of fees for retirees is covered in Policy HRO330.

5. Formula for Fees Waived, Regular Part-Time Employees.

Payment of fees for regular part-time employees who are scheduled to work 50 percent time or more is outlined in Policy HRO330.

6. Special Requests

In rare circumstances, where appropriate courses and/or training cannot be obtained at the university, a vice president or vice chancellor may request that certain employees in his/her operation be granted a fee waiver to take a course or training at another institution.  This request must be approved by Human Resources.