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Employment of Minors Procedure

Section 100, Proc. 110
Effective: 1/25/08


To establish procedures to be followed regarding the employment of minors.

Who is affected:

All positions for which minors are to be employed.


Review of Position to be Filled by a Minor

Every position for which a minor will be employed must be reviewed and approved by Human Resources-Employment prior to the appointment. In order to receive approval, the hiring entity must furnish to Human Resources-Employment a description of the work the minor will be performing and certifying that the minor will not be engaged in any restricted occupation as listed in Policy HR0110. If the minor is excluded from the provisions of that policy, a letter explaining the reason for exclusion shall be provided to Human Resources-Employment.

Required Documentation

At the time of application, the minor must submit:

  • A valid birth certificate, or;
  • A valid passport, or;
  • A baptismal certificate, AND
  • A verification of age form, signed by a school official in the minor’s school district.

A copy of these documents shall be kept on file in Human Resources-Records and shall be evidence of the age of the minor.

Tennessee Child Labor Act Posting

In any department which employs a minor, there must be displayed a printed abstract of the Tennessee Child Labor Act, published by the Tennessee Department of Labor and including the time periods during which a minor is permitted to work.

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