Family and Medical Leave Procedure

Section 300, Proc. 338
Related Policy: HR0338
Related Forms: Family Medical Leave Request; Medical Certification (currently being revised)

Effective: 03/13/2008


To set forth procedures for the approval and use of Family and Medical Leave for regular staff.

Who is affected:

Refer to the Decision Tree, below, to determine whether you are eligible for FML.


1. Request for FML by the Employee.

When an employee is going to be absent due to an eligible FML event, the employee must complete a Family and Medical Leave Request form (available from HR-Employee Relations ), and submit it to his/her supervisor for approval. The request is forwarded to HR-Employee Relations for approval.

2. Medical Certification Option.

The department head may require medical certification to support the request for family and medical leave. This is to be completed by the physician and returned to HR-Employee Relations.

3. Maintaining the FML Leave Record; Reporting Deadline.

The department maintains a record of the dates of FML absences (whether the employee has accumulated and is using paid sick leave or not) in IRIS on the Bi-weekly or Salaried Employee time report. The twelve-week per twelve-month period allowed is measured from the first day of FML.

4. Deeming FML When No Request is Made by the Employee.

If the department believes an employee’s absence qualifies for FML, and the employee has not requested it, the department should complete the Family and Medical Leave Request form and submit it to HR-Employee Relations for approval. The department must then notify the employee in writing that the leave will be counted as FML with the time frame permitted by HR Policy 0338.

5. Use of Accrued Time.

Any accrued time in the form of annual leave, sick leave, personal days, or other types of paid time off may be used at the employee’s discretion prior to taking an unpaid leave of absence. However, use of accrued time does not lengthen the duration of the leave.

See also

Leaves of Absence, HR0355; Sick Leave, HR0380; Sick Leave Bank, HR0382 for guidance when the Family and Medical Leave have been exhausted.

FMLA Decision Tree -- Click to download accessible pdf version