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Flex-year Position Procedure

Section 100, Proc. 126
Effective: 1/29/08


To define the flex-year schedule for regular staff exempt and non-exempt employees in flex-year appointments and to provide information concerning payment computations for flex-year appointments.


A flexible-year (flex-year) appointment is defined as an appointment where the staff member works less than twelve months, but is paid over a twelve-month period. A flexible-year position is an alternative for departments who wish to make more efficient use of personnel service resources during summer periods of decreased activity. Flex-year positions can originate from vacant positions being changed to flex-year appointments or from current employees requesting a change of their position to a flex-year basis.  A flex-year arrangement should not be imposed on current employees unless it is an alternative to a reduction in force.


Any Regular staff position, whether part-time or full-time, may be designated as a flexible-year position with the concurrence of the appropriate dean, director, or department head. A position that is vacant, or where the holder of the position consents, may be converted to a flex-year position by processing a position create/change e-form and changing the position to a flex year position.  Departments interested in appointing individuals into flex-year positions should contact Human Resources-Records for copies of worksheets and assistance in computations.

If a department wishes to reconvert the position to a 12-month position, reasonable notice must be given to the current incumbent. The incumbent may choose to accept the 12-month position or opt to be placed on layoff status.

Employees in flex-year positions who have not completed their probationary period by the beginning of the non-work period must complete probation when they return to work.

Appointment as Flex-Year

New appointments effective the first of the month in which work begins.  The actual beginning and ending work dates will be shown in planned working time in IRIS.  Benefits will begin on the appointment date with the exception of the death benefit, which will become effective the date work actually begins.

Departments interested in appointing individuals into flex-year positions should contact Human Resources-Records for assistance with computations and copies of worksheets.

Miscellaneous Issues Regarding Flex-Year Appointments:

1. Mid-Year Appointments

Earnings for appointments occurring mid-year will be prorated based on the portion of the flex-year worked during that first year.

2. Transfers

Current employees may transfer into a flex-year position, or their present position may be converted to a flex-year position.  In either case, this must occur at the beginning of the month.  A position change eform and a personnel change form should be completed by the department or departments involved indicating the change in salary and the change to a flex-year service base.

3. Mid-Year Increases

Because employees in flex-year positions “earn” at a greater rate than they are actually paid each month, mid-year increases must be handled with a special worksheet.

4. Overtime Payments

Non-exempt employees in flex-year positions will receive overtime based on the hourly amount earned, not the hourly amount paid.  There is a flex-year worksheet for overtime and compensatory time payment which must be completed.

5. Annual Salary Increases

Annual salary increases for employees in flex-year positions will be effective August 1 of each year.

6. Terminations

Terminations of flex-year appointments must also be handled in a unique manner due to the fact that a certain amount of wages has usually been earned but not paid as of termination. For terminations which occur prior to the end the flex-year, a flex-year Worksheet for Terminations should be completed by Human Resources-Records and forwarded to the Payroll Office.  The termination date is the last day worked. For terminations occurring after the last scheduled work day in the flex-year, regular monthly payments will continue to be made through July.

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