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Funeral and Bereavement Leave Procedure

Section 300, Proc. 340
Effective: 6/25/08
Related Forms: Bi-weekly and Salaried Employee Time Reports


To provide procedures for recording time off for regular university employees for bereavement, and to attend the funeral of a close relative.

Who is affected:

Any employee whose spouse, child or step-child, parent or step-parent dies, may be absent for a maximum of five regularly scheduled work days (not to exceed 40 hours) for the funeral and bereavement.

Any employee whose grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, foster parent, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, or son-in-law dies may be absent for a maximum of three regularly scheduled work days (not to exceed 24 hours) for the funeral and bereavement.


    1. Recording Bereavement Leave – Pay for each day of funeral and bereavement leave is at the employee’s current rate of pay for a normal day’s work, and is entered on both the salaried employee and bi-weekly time report as FLx for each day of leave.


  • Effect of Holidays & Administrative Closings – Official holidays and administrative closings falling with a period of paid funeral leave are charged to holidays and administrative closings, not bereavement leave. The employee’s bereavement leave will not be reduced by holidays or administrative days falling during the bereavement period.



  • Death of a Close Family Member While Employee is on Vacation – Should the death of a relative occur while the staff member is on scheduled annual leave, the staff member should immediately notify his or her supervisor so that the requested time off may be charged to bereavement leave.



  • Requests for Additional Time Off – Should additional time off be necessary for a staff member to attend the funeral (e.g., when a funeral is more than 5 days after an individual’s death), such additional time off may be requested either as annual leave or as authorized time off without pay. Such requests should be arranged with the staff member’s supervisor who will try to accommodate the request depending on operational need.



  • Multiple Decedents – In the case of more than one death occurring in the same time period, bereavement leave may be taken sequentially (back to back) with the approval of the supervisor and depending on the operational needs of the unit.


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