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The University of Tennessee Retirees Association (UTRA) is an organization established to promote communication between the University and its retirees and their families, to assist the University in carrying out its objectives, to provide spokespersons for the retirees, to be an advocate for retirees to promote and enhance benefits, and to offer opportunities for retirees and their families to socialize with each other.

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UTRA luncheon with Dr. Bill Bass Draws Record Crowd

Bill_Bass_smOver 110 packed the Baptist As­sociation Center for our Febru­ary 27th UTRA luncheon to eat Buddy’s BBQ and hear UTRA member, the world-renowned forensic anthropologist, Dr. William M. Bass speak and tell some memorable stories. Bill’s topic was “The Birth of Death’s Acre and the Jefferson Bass Series”.

Dr. Bass punctu­ated his talk with humor and effective anecdotes to make his points, such as helping western cattle ranchers find answers to how long bovine bones had aged after being slaughtered by cattle rustlers to trace when beef might be marketed. This question led Dr. Bass, with his self-proclaimed interest in bones rather than soft tis­sue, to the study of bone de­cay in different environments. Read more in the Spring 2014 UTRA News.

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