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Retirees’ Association FAQ

Can I still use internet services through U.T. after I retire?

If you are 55 and have 10 years of service at U.T., you may apply through Retirement
Benefits for a verification form to submit to Information Technology to continue use of internet services and net ID.

How can I access the library services?

With your retiree’s identification card, you can use the services of the library. As
well, you can access information through the library website with your email net I.D.

Am I eligible for a U.T. parking hang tag?

An emeritus tag is available for retirees who have 15 years of service. It is available
at Parking Services with your retiree identification card. This tag allows for parking in
non-restricted spaces/lots for infrequent trips to campus; it is not intended for frequent parking. You may purchase a regular tag if you are on campus regularly. If you are on the payroll after retiring, you need to turn in your emeritus tag and purchase a regular parking tag.

Does my retiree parking hang tag work for football and basketball game?

No, it does not!! You will need to purchase a special pass to park for football and
basketball games. As well, plays and special events do not honor the retiree parking
hang tag.

Can I still take credit courses with a fee waiver?

For retirees with 10 years of full time service, you may take up to nine credit hours
(undergraduate or graduate) with a fee waiver per term. With 10 years of regular part
time service, classes are on a pro-rata basis. With 30 years of service, you may audit
classes free. Contact 974-4709 for more information.

What about non-credit courses?

There is no fee waiver for non-credit courses.

What is a Lifetime Health Partners 55+ Savings Card? How can I get one?

The card was issued by the U.T. Medical Center several years ago, but is no longer
available. However, if you have one, the Medical Center does honor it.

Additional Information:

Be sure to check the Human Resources website, Retirement & Benefits, for
additional information, particularly

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