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Conducting Searches

Effective January 18, 2012, the UT Jobs applicant tracking system will integrate open staff positions across the university into one easy-to-navigate database. The transition will improve efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment efforts statewide, as well as benefit both job seekers and staff tasked with filling positions.

Acquiring the right talent at the right time is critical to the success of any organization, and UT is no exception. Identifying, attracting, and hiring talent can be complex, yet must be strategic.

UT’s recruitment team can provide you with the best options to hire top talent for your department. Resources are available for managers to understand the employee’s entire employment cycle to include recruitment of talent.

Below are some tips for hiring different types of employees:


Planning has started for including faculty positions in the UT Jobs applicant tracking system. Until faculty vacancies are available in the UT Jobs system, please continue to follow your current campus or institute process for filling faculty vacancies.

Staff (Regular Exempt & Non-exempt)

The following steps are provided to assist in filling regular exempt and non-exempt vacancies. For more detailed information, review our training materials.

Step 1: Requesting a Job Requisition

A job requisition is the first step to filling a position. Complete a Position Create/Change e-form in IRIS to create a new position or to change or reevaluate an existing position. Use the same e-form to make those requests. Be sure to attach a job announcement (in MS Word format) that includes minimum, preferred and desired qualifications and search committee members’ names and email addresses.

All regular exempt and non-exempt positions must be advertised for a minimum of seven days. The presence of a well-qualified, diverse applicant pool will determine if the position should be advertised longer. A position may be advertised on the:

  • External Career Site: Both external and internal applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Internal Career Site: Only UT internal applicants* will be considered.
  • Additional sites, such as the UT System site and external job boards.

*NOTE: Regular and term UT faculty and staff are considered internal applicants for recruiting purposes. Student employees and friends should search and apply for jobs as external candidates.

Additional instructions on requesting a job requisition also are available here.

Step 2: Viewing a Requisition

The Human Resources Office will complete the requisition. After it is complete, you may view it in the applicant tracking system.

If you are logged in to the UT network, you will automatically be logged in to the system. If you are not logged in to the UT network, you will be asked to log in using your NetID and password.

Additional instructions on viewing requisitions are available here.

Step 3: Viewing and Managing the Candidate Pool

Recruiters will screen applications for minimum, required qualifications. Qualified applicants will be sent to the hiring manager via email for review. (NOTE: Separate emails are sent for each application).

Each applicant goes through a series of steps and statuses during the hiring process.  Hiring managers or assistants will move candidates through the required steps and statuses. (NOTE: Primary and alternate interview pools MUST be approved by your affirmative action/equity and diversity office BEFORE the candidates can be interviewed.)  If you have questions or need assistance, contact your recruiter.

Additional instructions on viewing your candidate pool are available here.

Additional instructions for managing your candidate pool are available here.

Step 4: Selection and Job Offer

Once you have selected a candidate to hire, a disposition reason must be provided for all non-selected candidates and a satisfactory background check must be conducted for the chosen candidate. Please contact your recruiter with any questions.

The approval for job offers takes place in IRIS and appears in the approver’s inbox like all other approvals. The approval paths for both within-guideline offers and exceptional offers were determined by your campus or institute HR and Chief Business Offices.

Additional instructions for the job offer step being completed by the hiring department also are available here.

Step 5: Onboarding

A job offer letter will be sent to the successful candidate by the recruiter. In addition, your recruiter will start the candidate’s onboarding process and schedule the new hire’s orientation.

New hires are required to complete the I-9 form and provide appropriate supporting documentation either prior to or on the first day of work. This is necessary to allow the University time to meet the E-Verify requirement of verifying employment eligibility within three days of start date.

Limited Duration Appointments (LDA)

Limited Duration Exempt Appointments are (E-Account) regular appointments for a period of twelve months, (renewable up to 36 months). Limited Duration Exempt Appointments are available for positions that meet certain criteria and must be project-oriented. A full affirmative action search is not required in the case of limited duration vacancies.  Limited duration appointments are only available for exempt level, E account positions.

LDA appointments require a written justification.  The documentation must include, at a minimum: the specific project for which an LDA needs to be hired, and the reason for the immediate need to hire an LDA. When initiating a search following the procedures above, please include the LDA search justification in the IRIS workflow notes.

Staff (Temporary)

Hiring departments on the Knoxville campus may fill temporary positions using the UT Jobs applicant tracking system (procedures above), or by simply completing the Initial Hire/Rehire form and submitting the paperwork to HR-Records.  Regardless, all temporary hires must complete a satisfactory background check prior to their appointment.

The following steps are provided to assist in filling term exempt and non-exempt vacancies in the UT Jobs applicant tracking system. For more detailed information, review our training materials.

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