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What You Need to Know: Hiring Minors

Summer is approaching and you may be thinking of hiring high school students to work in your department.

Minors who are 16 or 17 may only be employed under the following conditions: the employment must not interfere with the minor’s health or well-being, and it may not be during school hours when the minor is required to attend class.

Minors under 16 may be employed in certain university programs on a term or summer basis. If this situation applies to your department, please contact Human Resources to discuss it further, as this requires prior written approval.

A minor’s age must be verified prior to employment, and there are restrictions on job duties a minor can perform. A list of restricted occupations can be found in HR Policy HR0110—Employment of Minors. Child labor law posters must be posted in the area where the minor will work.

For more information about the employment of minors, contact Human Resources at 865-946-8847.