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New Checkout Process

Effective March 1, Human Resources is introducing a redesigned process for authorizing the release of final paychecks—more commonly known as the checkout process—for regular employees and graduate students who are leaving their employment with the university.

The new process can be completed in as little as two days with minimal disruption to the exiting employee’s department. Upon receiving notification of an employee’s departure, the department will initiate the process online.

The initiating department will enter the terminating employee’s ID number and the last day the employee will physically be at work on the form. They will collect any university equipment or uniforms the employee has, including their ID card.

The checkout request will be forwarded electronically to departments where debts may be owed. Each of these departments will either enter an amount owed or indicate there is no debt. After the approving departments have responded, the employee and their department will be notified by email and will have access to the completed form.

At this point, the employee’s department will either finalize the checkout or reject it. Rejection occurs if the form was initiated in error or the employee has decided not to leave their employment with the university.

The final step has two possible options:

  • If the employee owes money, Payroll will receive a copy of the final checkout request and deduct the amount owed from either the final paycheck or the annual leave payout following payroll procedures. They will remit that money to the appropriate account and deposit the remainder in the employee’s bank account.
  • If no money is owed, the final checkout request will go directly to Human Resources to be housed in the employee’s electronic Human Resources record.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, contact or the HR Call Center at 865-946-8847.