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Coaching and Life Design

Overview of Career Development Coaching

16 Personalities: Free assessment based on the MBTI, provides insight into your ideal career and work environment. There’s no need to pay for the premium profile.

PathwayU: Provided by the Center for Career Development, take four free career assessments to see how your Interests, Values, Personality and Workplace Preferences indicate possible careers. Follow these guidelines to access:

TypeFocus: Also provided by the Center for Career Development, the free personality, interests and values assessments indicate possible careers. Email Nancy Burkett for the access code and follow these guidelines to access:

Life Design is a career development model created by Stanford University professors Dave Evans and Bill Burnett and is described in their bestsellers Designing Your Life and Designing Your New Work Life. Life Design is practiced at the Stanford Life Design Lab, where they have trained hundreds of life design practitioners at colleges and universities worldwide. This Life Design booklet can get you started in designing your future.