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Information For Hiring Departments

The institutional knowledge and commitment of our Executive Recruiter, combined with the ease and savings of not having to work with an outside firm, make Executive Search the best way to bring top talent to your division or college. We look forward to helping you ensure a great outcome to your next search.


We partner with hiring officials and search committee members to ensure a smooth process from search inception to acceptance by the top candidate. Our services are available on searches for positions at the level of executive director and above.

  • Consultation We partner with the hiring authority and search committee chair to review the position description, develop an initial advertising strategy, discuss timelines, and review the process. We place importance on listening to understand the attributes and characteristics that will lead to success in the position.
  • Relationship building We approach each search with a relationship-focused style. We ask questions and listen to perspectives from the department about its culture and dynamics, challenges and opportunities, and vision of what the new leader will bring to the position.
  • Recruitment We proactively solicit nominations and referrals, research and recruit qualified candidates, reach out to established contacts and sources to generate awareness, and contact potential candidates directly.
  • Search committee support We work with the search committee to develop interview questions and determine constituent groups for on-campus interviews. We work to create a positive candidate experience by assisting with interview itineraries and coordinating travel, transportation on campus, and meals.
  • Background Checks At the appropriate stage, we conduct formal reference checks and background checks and share results with the hiring official.

“You were chosen to serve the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Engagement search for a new Associate VC of ORE. I was chosen to chair that search and we worked together closely throughout the process. You did an excellent job in providing me with helpful information about the committee appointees, developing agendas for our meetings, and providing support for the committee making decisions about the best procedures for making a strong hire… You helped organize the meetings between the candidates and everyone on campus, while keeping both the committee and the candidates well informed of expectations and timing. I greatly appreciated your assistance which was thoughtful, thorough and timely. I also greatly appreciated your positive attitude while dealing with the candidates…I would be delighted to work with you again on an executive search.”

Theresa M. Lee – Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Candidate Experience

We manage the candidate experience in a way that introduces our campus culture from the first contact. Our inside perspective offers insight into the university’s people, operations, and community, all based on firsthand experience, and we work to make each contact with a candidate reflect the unique and genuine experience of Rocky Top.

We make every effort to give candidates a comprehensive and personalized experience and to serve as both a point of contact and a deep resource at every step of the process.

Service Levels

We offer two levels of service:

Full-cycle support We are with you throughout each stage of the search, from the launch to the hire and we manage the complete recruiting process and handle all associated administrative tasks.

Search support We support the hiring committee in sourcing, recruiting, and conducting evaluations, reference and background checks, and interviews. The hiring department is responsible for arranging meeting space, lodging, and meals, developing itineraries, and carrying out additional tasks related to the search.

At either level, the hiring department is responsible for all expenses associated with advertising, candidate travel, lodging, and meals.

Brooke Swart possesses great knowledge of the executive search process from beginning to end while paying attention to even the smallest of details to ensure each visit is a success! As an administrative assistant who was at times overwhelmed with the complexity of executive searches, I could always count on Brooke’s positive attitude and dedication to the task at hand. She is pleasant, well respected and always adds the personal touches to high level searches to make candidates feel welcome to our campus. Brooke provided direction and guidance in partnering with the search firm to find the best fit for our campus. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Brooke what it means to be part of a successful search.  

Angie Cross – Executive Assistant to the Provost

Learn More

If you have an upcoming search and want to discuss how Executive Search can assist, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Brooke Swart at or 865-974-5942.