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Creating the Offer Draft

Please click Creating the Offer Draft for a printable version of the instructions below.


Note: For information that’s not changing from Requisition, you can hover your mouse over and arrows will appear for you to click and the information will transfer over.

Items Enter:

Start Date                                as indicated

Currency                                 US Dollar

Annualized Salary                  This is the only place for yearly amount

Pay Basis                                Either Monthly or Hourly (depending on status)

Salary Basis                            Monthly or Hourly amount

Payroll Cycle                           Monthly or Bi-weekly

Position #                           

Percent Time                           Percent work time

Flex Year                                  If applicable

Flex Year %                              If applicable

Fund 1 acct                              Exclude dashes and must use Capital Letters

Fund 1 Amount                        Monthly or Hourly Amount ONLY

Fund %                   (Note: If more than one fund and exempt, must add up to 100%)

Wage Type 1                             Select appropriate one (REG / Hourly)

Once all fund information is complete, fill in Office Information: anything marked with * is required information.

*Comments are also required

Re-enter Start Date and Expiration Date (optional)

Once complete, “Save and Close”

Send an email to your Recruiter alerting them that you have an Offer Draft.