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Job Seekers

A: Unfortunately you cannot use your resume to “autofill” the electronic application.  We encourage you to type in all information referring to your resume while filling out the online application.  However, please attach your resume, cover letter, etc. at the end of the application process when prompted to “Add Attachment” to your application. These will be the files you deem relevant to each submission.

A:  Yes, the recruitment team works closely with community members interested in working at UT.  We welcome you to connect with our office for an informational interview.  This will entail a review of your resume and an information session with one of our recruiting business partners.  Please reach out to the recruitment team at 865-974-6642. We look forward to speaking with you!

A: Please do not type in the 3 entry field boxes located in the “Education” section of the application when providing information regarding:
“Type of Degree”  “Education Level” or “Field of Study.”
Instead, you should position your cursor in the entry field boxes and click the “Search” function.    You will select information regarding your education from the selections provided for each field and click “Select.” The information selected will be automatically inserted/displayed in the appropriate field.


Departments and Managers

A:  To recruit for a vacant or new position, you must have a requisition created in Taleo.   We have a Conducting a Search webpage to assist you with your search efforts and as always, the recruitment team is a valuable resource.  Please feel free to reach out to the recruitment team  for assistance with the search process.

A:  Taleo is a web based application that you may enter from any web browser.  This process will require your NetID and password, including 2 Factor Authentication.  Click here for Taleo Log-in.

A: You must complete an I-9 for an employee if they are a new hire or rehire at the University. You would not need to complete an I-9 if they are a current employee. Page 1 of the I-9 must be completed on or before the first day of hire by the employee only. Page 2 of the I-9 is completed by the employer and sent to  for e-verification within 3 days of hire.

A: To update an I-9 and work permission, the department only needs to complete section 3 on page 2 of the current I-9 and obtain a copy of the new document showing the unexpired work permission. Only 1 document can be listed in section 3. Once this has been completed, then the I-9 is submitted to

A: Send the completed PD, an org chart and the Classification Request form through your departmental HR contact to

A: Use the ZPPOSITION000 transaction in IRIS to create or change a position.

A: No, employees cannot make up time or flex time across different work weeks. The work week at UT begins at 12:00 am Monday and concludes at 11:59 pm Sunday.

A: Please make your request through the Training Request Form located in the Learning and Organizational Development section of the UTK HR website. If you have any additional questions regarding requesting support you may contact us via phone at 865-974-6642 or by e-mail

A: Our goal is to be in touch with you within 2 business days after we receive your request.  At that point it is often best to meet with you to specifically discuss your request so L&OD can get a better understanding of what has motivated this request and what your objectives are.  At that point we will also discuss timelines and schedules.


Current Employees

A: Your home address can be updated using employee self-service  To update your office address or educational information you would need to submit to Human Resources, 105 Student Services Building, a personal data form with your name and personnel number.

A: Annual leave is accrued on the first day of the month. Increased accruals adjust at 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years. If your annual leave date is the first day of the month, then you will see the increase in the current month. If your annual leave date is any other day of the month, then you will see the increased amount beginning the first day of the next month.

A: Once your supervisor has signed your FML form, submit this form along with your medical certification to the HR Office, 105 Student Services Building. Your FML form and completed medical certification can also be faxed to (865) 974-6066.

A: Yes, if you are approved for FML, you must exhaust (in order) all unused compensatory time, sick leave, annual leave, and personal leave. However, you may choose to retain up to five days or 40 hours of sick leave, whichever is less.

A: While you are using your available leave, your insurance premiums will be deducted from your regular pay check.  If you exhaust all your available paid leave, and are placed on unpaid leave, you will be responsible to make payment for your insurance premiums to the UT Payroll office.

A: Employee Relations business partners offer guidance and consultative services on a variety of workplace challenges to include policy interpretation and performance management.  Call us today at (865) 974-6642 (press 5 for Employee Relations) to connect with your business partner and learn more!

A: The Sick Leave Bank (SLB) provides members who are experiencing serious illnesses/injury an opportunity to request additional paid leave from the bank after exhausting all personal accrued leave. Membership is required. The SLB annual enrollment period is April through June. To be eligible, you must be a regular UT employee accruing sick leave, with a sick leave balance of at least 48 hours or six days (prorated for regular part-time employees) by June 30. Employees meeting these requirements who wish to join the bank must complete an open enrollment application and agree to donate 24 hours of sick leave to the bank. The annual deadline for membership is June 30.

A: Service awards are based on your total regular service date. Contact HR at (865) 974-6642, press 5 for Employee Relations, to determine your service awards anniversary date. Employees with five years of service will receive a certificate in a Lucite frame and a lapel pin with the UT seal. This will be sent to departmental leadership for distribution. Further awards are provided in five-year increments beginning with the tenth year of regular service. You will be contacted by our service award provider via brochure and email around the time of your service anniversary date to select an award.

A: Topics include Leadership Development, Custom Programs for Leaders and Teams, Diversity and Inclusion, Career Building, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Supervision and Management Skills and more. Learning and Organizational Development serves UT Knoxville area staff, leaders, faculty, and students. We provide customized training sessions for departmental needs.