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University of Tennessee Knoxville-Area Human Resources Procedure 130

SUBJECT:                     Personnel Files and Release of Information

SECTION:                     100

PROCEDURE:              130



EFFECTIVE:                 5/23/2019


To provide a procedure for all employees to review official personnel files and to provide guidelines for releasing information from personnel files.

Who is affected:

All employees.


1. Review of Your Personnel File

Employees may review their own personnel file upon presentation of photo identification. Requests may be made to Human Resources-Administration during normal university business hours for an appointment with the director of Human Resources Records or a designated representative of that office. Any copies requested by the employee will be charged a reasonable copying fee.

2. Requesting a Change of Your Personnel File

Employees are allowed to suggest corrections or supplement records contained in their files which they believe are not accurate, timely, or complete by filing a written request with their department head and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources. If the request to change the file is denied by either of these individuals, the employee will be informed of the reason. The employee may then place a concise statement of the disagreement in the personnel file which clearly indicates the information in the file which is disputed.

3. Authorization of Disclosure

At the time of hiring, regular employees will sign an Authorization of Disclosure form. This form grants Human Resources either full authorization, limited authorization, or no authorization to disclose information in the personnel file in response to telephone inquiries.

  1. Full authorization permits the employer to release dates of employment, job title or titles held, percent of time, and the name of the department in which the employee works.
  2. Limited authorization permits the release of only the information designated on the Authorization of Disclosure form.
  3. No authorization means that no information may be released for a telephone request.

4. Other Access or Disclosure Information

Information in the personnel record, including salary information, will be given to prospective employers, lending institutions, and other persons and entities seeking information for employment, credit, or other business purposes with a written request from the employee. Please be aware that under the laws of the State of Tennessee, personnel records are considered public records and may therefore be inspected, extracted, or copied by any properly identified citizen of the State during normal business hours. Human Resource requires that the request for inspecting or copying any personnel file must be directed to the director of Human Resources Records or a designated representative. Tennessee residents will be required to make an appointment, and show identification verifying State residency. The employee whose file is to be viewed will be contacted and, if available, may be present when the file is reviewed. A representative of Human Resources will be present at all times when any personnel file is reviewed.

5. Management Access to Personnel Files

The individuals in an employee’s supervisor line and other Human Resources personnel in the course of their duties may be given access to an employee’s personnel records without notification to the employee.