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Performance and Feedback

Monitoring performance and providing ongoing feedback throughout the year is an incredibly important leadership responsibility. Think about performance and feedback as part of a yearly continuum of communication that you have with those around you.

Setting Goals and Expectations

The first step in the performance cycle is setting expectations. No matter the level of the position, it is critical that each new employee (whether newly hired or new to your supervision) understands what is expected from them in their role. Setting expectations includes clear dialogue around job content and performance expectations. It includes setting goals for the work period and adjusting those goals as priorities change throughout the year.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching means having conversations about performance throughout the year, not only during the Annual Performance Review (APR). In fact, one common error supervisors make is waiting until the APR to discuss performance issues that arose during the year. Staff and supervisors should be checking in during the year to so that any concerns or issues can be addressed immediately. These check-in conversations should not just be corrective; supervisors should provide ongoing positive feedback!

Annual Performance Review

If ongoing dialogue and discussions have taken place throughout the year to provide feedback and to reflect on and adjust goals, the Annual Performance Review is time to reflect upon those goals and the overall performance during the calendar year. It is both a reflective and planning meeting, looking back over the previous year and setting goals for the next year.

Tools and Resources

Online Training

Policy and Forms

Annual Performance Review Checklist

For support and assistance with performance and feedback, please call Human Resources at 865-974-6642.