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Programs for Minors

UTK is committed to promoting a safe environment for minors attending summer camps, educational workshops, cultural events and other programs. Review the policy and requirements.

All individuals who meet the policy’s definition of a “program director” or “covered adult” must be an active employee or Friend-Volunteer in IRIS, complete a background check every four years and undergo training on preventing, recognizing, reporting and addressing child abuse once every two years.

To view the Programs for Minor’s policy click here.

Identify all individuals who are considered Covered Adults, including the Program Director or Event Organizer, and confirm they are listed in IRIS (as either an active employee or an active Friend-Volunteer of the University). For those Covered Adults who are not employees, you must enter them as a Friend of the University in IRIS. This will ensure a personnel number is created, which is required as part of the registration process. *Do not enter them as Guest Travelers*

For instructions on how to enter Friends into IRIS click here.

The Program Director (or Program Contact) must submit an online Program Registration Form at least 45 days prior to the event for HR approvals and final program approval by the Designated Official (D.O.).

To access the database log in page click here.

To review the Required Action Steps click here.

Each Covered Adult will be required to have a background (BG) check completed and on file with HR (Valid for 4 years) with the appropriate package type. For those without a current or appropriate level BG check, HR will request a new background check. The person will then receive an email from Truescreen (BG check vendor) requesting information and consent to complete the BG. The Covered Adult must complete and submit in order to meet this requirement. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring all Covered Adults have completed this requirement.

*Please inform your covered adults that they will receive a consent form via email from (Truescreen) that must be completed in order to run the background check; these sometimes are sent to the Clutter or Junk folder. The email will look similar to this:

Each Covered Adult must complete the required Child Protection Training (Valid for 2 years).  The required training “Child Protection Training for Covered Adults” is an online training module in K@TE, the learning management system. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring all Covered Adults have completed this requirement.

**Any individual who is missing a background MUST FIRST complete the emailed background consent form. After the background check has “cleared” and the background date appears in the database, then that individual will be able to complete the required training. Background checks can take up to seven business days to process so they need to be completed as soon as possible**

The Child Protection Training course can be accessed through the learning management system (K@TE).

  • To access K@TE click here and select UT Faculty and Staff
  • Log in with your UT NetID and Password
  • Search for “Child Protection Training” in the upper-right search field
  • Click Request and begin training
    • Be sure to allow popups.
    • Please use a computer to complete the training course. There have been several technical issues reported when using a cellphone.
    • All participants must receive a score of 70% or above on the comprehension test.

To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions please click here.

Contact Information
Questions regarding Background and Training completions, please contact Chelsea Atkins by emailing PFM HR Vetting or by phone at 865-974-7848.
Questions regarding the Programs for Minor’s policy or Event Submissions, please contact Programs for Minors.