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We’re here to partner with you to create a great workplace and to support the professional lives for our 9,000+ faculty and staff. Thank you for all you do!

Please contact at 865-974-6642 with questions or suggestions.

Mary Lucal Associate Vice Chancellor 865-974-1909
Shannon Bruce Assistant to the AVC & Office Manager 865-974-6089

Tarah Keeler Executive Director/Deputy CHRO 865-974-0424
Kirsten Schroeder Manager 865-974-9267
Michelle Currier Compensation Analyst 865-974-1962
Caroline Rubash Compensation Specialist 865-974-5553
Heather McAlister HR Specialist 865-974-9976
Elizabeth Smith ERP Project Manager 865-974-9267
Kristin Parrott HR Analyst 865-974-9777

Connie Walden Director of Records & Strategic Planning 865-974-1910
Lisa Himes HR Records Coordinator 865-974-7871
Gina Huling Records Specialist 865-974-9007
Chelsea Atkins Records Specialist 865-974-7848

Darrell Easley Director 865-974-9950
Julie Roe Manager 865-974-6452
Jon Chandler Senior Employee Relations Consultant 865-974-6686
Jessica Cantu Employee Relations Consultant 865-974-8299
Sam Smith Employee Relations Specialist 865-974-4709

Learning and Organizational Development

Darrell Easley Director 865-974-9950
Will Ploskonka Manager 865-974-2889
Kerrie Johnson Senior Consultant 865-974-9652
Alexis Bishop Consultant 865-974-9644
Brian Watkins Leadership Development Consultant 865-974-0204


Career Development

Nancy Burkett Career Development Coach 865-974-0203

Tarah Keeler Executive Director/Deputy CHRO 865-974-0424
Chelsey Byrd Manager 865-974-4540
Anthony Lanagan Recruitment Business Partner 865-974-8183
Jay Haley Recruitment Business Partner 865-974-5516
Alyx Prather Recruitment Business Partner 865-974-1322
Christina Sharp HR Generalist  865-974-6093
Anneliese Harrison Recruitment Specialist 865-974-2118
Allie McCosh Recruitment Assistant 865-974-6642
Brooke Swart Executive Recruiter 865-974-5942
Tennion Reed Executive Recruitment Coordinator 865-974-0996