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Annual Compliance Training

Annual compliance training is a requirement and designed to ensure that all University of Tennessee employees are well-informed about the institution’s policies, regulations, best practices, and ethical standards. Participating in this training is essential to maintain a compliant and ethical work environment, and your commitment to upholding our university’s values is appreciated.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville consolidates the notifications for compliance trainings into one concise message. These training courses could include: 

  • Clery Act 
  • Code of Conduct
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Title VI
  • Title IX 

How to take your annual compliance training 

Once you receive the initial email listing your required coursessign in to K@TE to take the training courses assigned to you. You will receive regular reminders until you have fulfilled the requirements. These training plans are customized based on your campus/Institute, affiliation with the university (faculty, staff, graduate assistant, etc.) and your job requirements (Executive, IT, Safety, etc.).  

Sign in to complete the training

Follow the step by step instructions to learn more about how to take the training: 

If you complete the training at one time, the training should take less than two hours. 

To complete the training within this new cycle, you may be required to complete some programs that you reviewed previously this year. Next year, the courses should only be required once in a calendar year. 


September: Training available in K@TE. You will receive an activation email and periodic reminders to complete the training. 

December: Training must be completed.  


To verify who in your unit has or has not completed their Annual Compliance Training, log in to IRIS and follow the online instructions. Please refer to this IRIS Help document with step-by-step instructions for running this IRIS report and contact the Annual Compliance at with your questions related to the IRIS report.


If you have questions regarding the individual training plans, please contact the following offices: