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Staff Reductions

Reduction in Force, Elimination of Externally Funded Positions, and Reduction of Hours

Action items:

  1. Identify the need for a Reduction in Force, Elimination of Externally Funded Position, or Reduction of Hours, and contact Human Resources at 865-974-6642.
  2. Develop a reduction proposal memorandum that articulates the grounds for the action, the rationale for each decision, lists the unit and/or individuals affected (including the account number(s) and employee ID numbers), and explains how the workload will be allocated after the reduction is implemented.
  3. Draft the memorandum in conjunction with HR before obtaining signatures.
  4. HR and general counsel (if applicable) will review the final draft of the plan and notify the department once the plan is ready for final approvals in the form of administrator signatures.
  5. The department preparing the plan should notify the affected employee(s) in writing no less than thirty days from the approved effective date outlined in the business plan. The department will send a copy of the employee notification letter to HR for the employee’s file.

Contact Human Resources at 865-974-6642 for questions about the process. For more information, visit Policy HR0145 on Reduction in Force, Elimination of Externally Funded Positions, and Reduction of Hours.

Restoration of Force

A restoration of force occurs when a position that was eliminated as the result of a reduction in force is re-established within one year from the date of the reduction.

HR shall notify and recall any laid-off employee when a restoration of force occurs in the position title, job title, and department of that former employee. Laid-off employees are eligible for recall for one year after the layoff. Should a recall occur within the year, the campus or institute will establish a schedule to recall the affected employees. The recall will be in reverse order of the layoff; the last employees laid off will be the first employees recalled. If a former employee is recalled to work through this process within one year after being laid off, his or her continuous service date will be restored to the date in existence at the time of the layoff.

If an employee rejects an offer of re-employment to the position that he or she held at the time of layoff, he or she will lose all restoration rights. Former employees who have elected retirement in lieu of layoff are not eligible for recall.

Contact Human Resources at 865-974-6642 for questions. For more information, visit Policy HR0150 Restoration of Force.