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CliftonStrengths and You

CliftonStrengths and You is a four-part campus leader interview series diving into the four domains of the CliftonStrengths assessment:

  • Influencing with Mandie Beeler
  • Relationship Building with Katie Wiley
  • Strategic Thinking with José Lee-Perez
  • Executing

In each of these sessions, we’ll describe these domains in greater detail and discuss how you can maximize your strengths in the workplace.

CliftonStrengths and You: Taking Charge and Reaching your Audience with Influencing Themes with Mandie Beeler, Ed.D., Director of the Clay and Debbie Jones Center for Leadership and Service

The first CliftonStrengths domain we’re discussing in this series is Influencing. We will be speaking with Mandie Beeler, Ed.D, Director of the Clay and Debbie Jones Center for Leadership and Service. Mandie is similar to others with themes falling under the Influencing. They are known to be great at persuading, communicating, and taking action. With themes like Activator, Maximizer, and Woo, the Influencing domain aligns with leaders who are committed to making a positive and lasting impact on their team.

Podcasts Hosted by: Will Ploskonka, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development

Will has been with UT Knoxville for 3+ years and his responsibility is to manage the efforts of the LOD team to best serve our campus community and participate in the facilitation of Team and Leadership Development sessions over a wide range of topics.


Are You Emotionally Intelligent: Part 1-An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

In part 1 we begin with a broad conceptual overview of Emotional Intelligence (EI). We will set the stage for the remaining sessions by giving a brief history of EI and setting some common understanding of emotion and intelligence.

Are You Emotionally Intelligent: Part 2-Understanding Your Self Side of Emotional Intelligence

In this part 2, we build upon our part 1 foundation and discuss our self-side of Emotional Intelligence (EI). The self is divided into our self-awareness and self-regulation which represents what we know and what we do.

Are You Emotionally Intelligent: Part 3-Understanding the Others Side of Emotional Intelligence

In part 3 we focus our attention toward the others-side of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Thinking about others and EI we have two areas to consider, our empathy and our social skills. Again, these two areas can be characterized as what we know and what we do.

Are You Emotionally Intelligent: Part 4-Understanding Your Motivation and What Impact That Has On Your Emotional Intelligence

In part 4 we focus internally again on our motivation. What drives us and fuels our efforts will impact our ability to demonstrate Emotional Intelligence (EI). Thinking about motivation means we need to examine the extent to which we are internally or externally motivated. Why do we do, what we do.

Are You Emotionally Intelligent: Part 5-What To Do Now? Strategies to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence Leadership

In part 5 we conclude our series be exploring effective strategies that help us maintain and demonstrate effective Emotional Intelligence (EI) by focusing on self-management and social skills as we take time to be self-aware and empathetic. These strategies can help us maintain positive and productive personal and professional relationships with others.

Human Resources in partnership with Be Well, Early Learning Center, Optum, Division of Student Life, and College of Veterinary Medicine, is excited to offer summer support sessions to assist you as we look towards transitioning back to campus.

Remember Your Resources

It’s always good to be reminded of resources available to you as an employee of UT! Watch Abigail Brumfield (Big Orange Pantry), Julie Roe (946-CARE), Laura Ketola (Jones Center for Leadership and Service, and Matthew Cramer, (Optum) as they discuss various resources to assist in your return to campus and beyond.

A Human-Centered Workplace: Re-envision Your Work-Life Balance

Join Danielle Bohn, Employee Wellness Coordinator with Be Well as she creates a space to acknowledge and discuss creating healthy boundaries for re-establishing work-life balance that will be critical for a successful fall semester.

Got Kids and Transitioning Back to Campus? Keep it Real with Robyn Brookshire (June 23, 2021 – session not recorded)

Bring your triumphs and challenges with you to this session. Robyn Brookshire, Director of the Early Learning Center, will be live to answer your questions.

Transitioning With Pets

Our furry friends have had their humans by their side every day for over a year now and all of the sudden, they may not. Elizabeth Strand, Director, Veterinary Social Work, and Julie Albright, Assistant Professor, Department of Small Animal Clinical Services, will share helpful strategies for both the pet and human in this informative interview with Mary Lucal, AVC, Human Resources.

Build Your Resilience

Carla Romo, Optum. Empowering attendees to take action in their own lives, this training explores the characteristics that help people deal with unexpected challenges in a positive way. The concept of stress hardiness is also defined and discussed. Also available: presentation and workbook.