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University of Tennessee Knoxville-Area Human Resources Procedure 395

SUBJECT:                     Time Off to Vote

SECTION:                     300

PROCEDURE:              395



EFFECTIVE:                5/9/2019


To ensure that every regular staff member has the opportunity to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

Who is affected:

Any employee who is a registered voter on the day an election is held.


In the state of Tennessee, due to the advent of early voting and extended voting which occurs around most elections, it is anticipated that most employees will not need to exercise the procedures outlined below.

1.  Time Off to Vote Criteria

No employee will be permitted time off to vote in an election where the polls are open three or more hours before or after the employee’s time for reporting to work. The request for time off to vote must be reviewed and approved by the supervisor no later than noon on the day before the election for which the request is made.

2.  Reporting Time Off to Vote for Regular Employees

Time off to vote is reported on the Biweekly and Salaried Employee Time Reports as VLx, Voting Leave.