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Separations and Terminations

Authorization for Release of Final Paycheck

Regular employees who are leaving the university are required to complete an Authorization for Release of Final Paycheck form in order to:

  • return university property,
  • clear all debts owed to the university,
  • and arrange for the release of the final paycheck or direct deposit

The check-out process includes graduate assistants and employees who are retiring from the university. Departments should initiate the check-out process per the instructions on the form. Employees must complete the following steps (also on form) to complete process before submitting the form to Human Resources:

Department Instructions:

  1. Complete employee information, Section 1.
  2. Complete steps 1-11 of the check-out process, Section 2. Record the date, amount due (if applicable), any notes, and write yes or no in the cleared box, as appropriate.
  3. Do NOT leave a section blank. If an item does not apply to the exiting employee, state does not apply in the notes’ column and state yes in the cleared column.
  4. Provide signature of Supervisor, Dean, or Department Head, Section 3.
  5. Provide form to employee to complete steps 12-15, in-person. These steps require the employee to visit the department for check-out.

*Note: If the employee owes fees/equipment/uniforms/etc. to any area, it is the responsibility of the employee’s department to notify the Payroll Office to send the employee’s final paycheck to Human Resources (HR), suite 105 Student Services Building.

If an employee is unable to complete his/her portion of the form contact Human Resources at 865-946-8847 to discuss next steps.

Send completed Authorization for Release of Final Paycheck form to:               Human Resources, 105 Student Services Building, Knoxville, TN 37996-0213  Phone: (865) 946-8847, Fax: (865) 974-6066

For more information, visit Policy HR0515 Collection of Debts Owed to the University:

For all other questions regarding this process, contact Human Resources at (865) 946-8847.


NEW – coming March 1, 2018, electronic exiting process to replace current Authorization for Release of Final Paycheck paper form process for Knoxville campus!

Effective March 1, Human Resources is introducing a redesigned process for authorizing the release of final paychecks (more commonly known as the checkout process) for regular employees and graduate students who are leaving their employment with the university.



For questions regarding e-forms and to process a termination in IRIS, departments should contact Human Resources.

For more information regarding the types of terminations and termination categories, visit Policy HR0160 on Termination of Employment.

Exit Interviews (optional)

An exit interview is an invaluable source of information that the university can use to assess the quality of work life and identify opportunities for improving employee retention and engagement.

Human Resources uses an automated, web-based exit interview process. Employees who are leaving the university will be sent an email to their UT email address with a link to an exit interview questionnaire. The questionnaire will take less than 10 minutes to complete and all responses will be kept confidential. The survey will be accessible from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

Employees may also elect to schedule an appointment with an Employee Relations Counselor to review and complete the document. Employees may complete a hard copy Exit Interview Questionnaire and turn into Human Resources at 105 Student Services Building. If you have questions about exit interviews or other employee retention strategies, contact Nate Taylor in Employee Relations at 865-974-6686.

Other Campus Contacts

Departments should direct employees to the contacts below if they have questions about insurance coverage, retirement benefits (for example, transferring a 401[k]), or how to donate unused sick leave to employees in need prior to leaving the university.

  • Payroll and Insurance: 865-974-5251
  • Benefits and Retirement: 865-946-8847
  • Donations for Sick Leave Transfer: 865-974-8299

Unemployment Benefits

UT participates in a joint federal and state program that provides benefits to unemployed workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development determines the eligibility for, and the amount of any unemployment benefits.

Departments should:

  • Send any time-sensitive requests for separation information received from the Department of Labor to HR at 105 Student Services Building for completion or by fax to 865-974-6066.
  • Direct employees to contact Human Resources at 865-946-8847 for general unemployment questions.
  • Be prepared to provide employees with the unemployment contact information listed below, if requested. HR may also assist in providing this information to exiting employees as needed.

For all other questions regarding the exit process, contact Human Resources at 865-946-8847.

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